Felt storage baskets and boxes

The colorful receiving basket is a good helper at home. It is a special box (box) for sorting out disordered items. It is equivalent to a garbage can, but it is loaded with useful but not commonly used non-garbage items.It deft and flexible, the need that designs according to oneself becomes all sorts of modelling, those who have square also have circle, rhombus is waiting a moment.It basically has clothings to receive, underwear socks to receive, fragmentary goods to receive, jewelry bag to receive bead to wait.


According to the need to integrate or separate creative your home, convenient people’s arrangement and storage.Can undertake classification to the small thing in the home put, achieve very good receive the result.While making full use of the space, have certain decorative effect.


Feeling storage box products, if the use of friction or hook, may lead to light pilling or pilling, if it occurs, please use scissors or ball remover can be removed.The material of felt is warm and soft, beautiful and practical. The advantages of the storage basket and box made are strong and durable, easy to clean. Wet cloth can be used to gently wipe or dry clean.Machine washing and bleaching are not allowed. Bleach will affect the quality of felt.


Decorate to bedroom space as people will take seriously more, no matter be small family owner or big family owner to make whole bedroom space is used reasonable, beautiful, can notice household receives skill.

After having it, it can decorate the home, form visual impact, and also make the whole home rise a emotional appeal, wonderful articles!

Post time: Apr-19-2021