Kitchen Cleaning Felt Cloths

Short Description:

Material: 100%Viscose/rayon

Weight: 80-400gsm

Thickness: 0.8-4.0mm

Size: 20*30cm or customized

Color:Yellow, Blue, Pink or Customized

Technics : Needle-punched

Format: Roll, or sheets

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Kitchen Cleaning Cloths with the highest quality materials and manufacturing process.  It is much thicker, and therefore more absorbent, than other brands. This means that it will soak more liquid when it spills, it will dry your boat or RV quicker, and it will last for more years of regular use. They are great for a number of jobs, but as just a replacement for paper towels, they will save you money. Instead of using several disposable wipes to clean a mess, use a shammy to save time, effort and money. You will be done quicker, you will avoid making multiple trips to get more towels, and you will be using a product that can be washed and used again instead of thrown away. This makes them a very economical and environmental choice for cleaning. They also work great for drying your hair, as a bathmat, as a pet towel, for pulling spills and pet urine out of carpet, to clean tile floors, for use as a sports towel and so much more. Basically any time you are absorbing liquid while cleaning, or drying something off, a Super Shammy is the perfect tool. Place one under your dish rack to catch all of the drips and avoid a mess after washing dishes.


Multipurpose in household cleaning

Feature: Strong oil and water absorbency Perfect hand feeling, wipe without scratches, safe on the goods surface, Durable, uniform thickness and strong dust capacity, Eco-friendly, no smell, harmness, Lint free when using

[Multipurpose usage]

It can be used hygienically for a variety of purposes such as dishes, sink, stove, bathroom, and car internal/external cleaning. It has 3 colors and you can simply separate its use by color.

[Hygienic- easy rinse]

The raw viscose fabric made of natural pulp is soft and has excellent hygroscopicity. Natural viscose fabrics have no odor. Because it dries quickly, the propagation of bacteria is suppressed.

For more hygienic use, please soak in diluted vinegar, rinse and dry in the sun.


Rinse thoroughly after use, squeeze out the water and dry well. When cleaning the electronic product with a wet cloth, be careful not to risk electric shock.

Use on your carpet to remove puppy pee, or soak up beverages that are accidentally spilled. Simply press down to suck up the liquid like a vacuum and dry the rug all the way down to the padding.

When cleaning a fish tank, or changing the water, use one to wipe down the interior without worry of scratching.

Use as a personal towel for drying your body when space is limited. A single sheet can dry a grown body, and it is compact to make it ideal for camping, travel, the gym, as a swimmers towel and more.

Clean windows and floors to a streak free shine. Eliminate all moisture in a single pass to prevent spotting and streaking.

Use on your car or truck to dry after washing without leaving spots. Also great as a sponge cloth for washing, or as a soft pad for polishing.

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