Wool mixed felt

Short Description:

Material:polyester and wool fiber,

Acrylic and wool fiber,

polypropylene and wool fiber,

viscose and wool fiber,

PLA and wool fiber etc

Technology: non woven needle punched

Density: 50gsm-7000gsm

Thickness: 0.5mm-70mm

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Felt belt is also called Seamless Felt Belt, no joints endless Felt belt. It is made of special high quality raw material 100% Nomex, 100% wool, Nomex+Polyester, wool+ polyester etc.the heat resistant could be 280c degree.

Nomex felt belt is mainly used for various heat transfer machines, banners, etc

Needle punched wool felt refers to felt that is made by vertically needling fibers together to achieve a desired thickness and density. Needled felt is commonly made from wool, synthetic and other re-processed fibers. Also, the needle punched wool felt can be made of 100% wool.When viewing a cross-section of needled punched felt, the fibers lay vertically, as opposed to pressed felt, where the fibers lay horizontally.

By the mixing of chemical fiber and wool fiber,it can make the felt fabric Colorful, bright and beautiful, fashion and environmental protection, wide use, beautiful and generous, patterns and styles are diverse, and light, recyclable, is recognized as the protection of the earth's ecology products.

Wool needle punch felt is a durable material that is ideal for a variety of industries. For everything from DIY to automotive to insulation, wool felt provides a range of benefits. Wool needle punch felt is a versatile material that can be soft for sewing, but can also hold up for lathe applications. Sound proofing, Padding, Shock Dampeners ,Anti-Squeak, Felt Washers, Gaskets, Packaging, Insole., working temperature 180-260 °C, can be customized according to different production requirements, through a special technical processing, the perfect solution to the conventional thermal transfer blanket running Partial, bulging, creases and other issues during printing, we have perfect after-sales service, a strong technical team escort your quality.

Endless Wool Felt belts are consistently chosen for croissant and long bread production. Commonly used on equipment made by OEM’s like: Ideal, Loks, CIM, Rondo, Fortuna, Bertrand, and Comas. Our Endless wool Felt belts can be produced in almost any width, length or thickness. Most common thickness runs between 2-4mm.


Natural. All of the materials are natural and without any chemicals and harmful elements.

Can be cut in any direction. The non-woven structure make it be easily cut in any direction and will not fray or unravel.

Various colors. Except for the basic colors of wool felt, we can supply various other colors needle punched wool felt, which can suit more applications.

Customized. Special thickness, density and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Economical. The wool and other fibers needle punched wool felt has lower wool content, so it is much cheaper than the pure wool felt.

Widely used. The needle punched wool felt is widely accepted in our daily life, it is the basic material of sauna hats, wool felt bag, wool felt crafts and various toys.

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