Printed Felt

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Material:100% polyester felt,100% wool felt

Printed type:silk-screen printing

heat transfer printing

digital printing



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Printing is a process, on the basis of non-woven cloth printing, can be printed out a number of beautiful patterns, bright color, it is widely used in some decorative products.


At present, printed non-woven fabric is applied in our life more and more, household pot cushion, home decoration wall background, hand luggage, disposable shopping bags, household carpets and so on can almost see the figure of the printed fabric.


Two different thicknesses

Available in two sheet sizes

100 cm x 50 cm

100 cm x 90 cm

Design a template and we'll print it!

Beautiful full-colour print


Whether you are looking to make your own felt hat or felt dress or are looking for a fun DIY project to do with the kids, our new printable felt is a great choice. Upload your designs to create something entirely your own.

1 mm thick felt = 180 gsm

3 mm thick felt = 500 gsm

We know that our customers are a creative bunch, and our new felt printing has been made especially for you. Perfect for those who love arts and crafts projects, our new printed felt is designed entirely by you on our design interface. We then print it in full colour, ready for you to craft. Whether you are looking to make a teddy bear for a fun and unique child's gift or felt flowers for vintage-inspired decorations, our felt will do the job for you beautifully. Simply upload your design using our easy to use design interface and we'll do the rest.

If you are looking for something a bit special to wear and are sick of what's available on the high street, then why not have a go at creating something using our printed felt?  A stunning felt patch on a hat or jeans or dress will make a fashion statement...even more so if it is hand done. Just create your pattern and we will print it for you, ready to turn into the latest fashion trend, utterly unique to you.

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