Acoustic Panel

Short Description:

Weight Range:1300g/m2-3500g/m2

Standard Specification: 1220mm(width)×2420(length)×(9-24)(thickness)mm,1220mm(width)×2440(length)×(3-24)(thickness)mm

Color: Color Chart or Customized

Composition: 100% polyester fiber (PET)

Surface: smooth and rough

Fireproof Grade: A,B

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Acoustic Panels are made from 100%PET,by needle punching processing. The production process is completely physical & eco-friendly, no waste water,emissions, waste, no adhesive.Our polyester fiber Acoustic Panels benefit from an array of advantages,they absorb reverberated sound,providing acoustic control to lessen the amount of noise in a room.

Our PET acoustic panels Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant and does not contain formaldehyde binders and have high NRC: 0.85.100% polyester acoustic panels are made of high-tech hot pressing and presented by cocoon cotton shape.It can achieve the density diversity and then make sure ventilation.  It has many advantages, Decoration,Insulation,Flame retardant,Environmental protection,Light weight,Easy to process,Stable,Impact resistance,Easy maintenance.etc.

It is suitable for office, conference room, auditorium, KTV, exhibition room, stadium, hotel ect. Because its many advantages and features, it is widely used in the places being more strict with sound.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel is a decorative panel substrate that can be shaped, formed, cut and printed.

It is designed primarily for commercial interiors:

*as a pinnable replacement panel for textile-covered tiles in workstation systems

*to provide a lighter, more flexible and recyclable wall panel and demountable partitioning system

*an acoustic panel system

*a sustainable substitute for ceiling tiles and soft floor applications.


Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel is ideal to provide a practical and felt like design solution for any wall situation. It provides not only a colourful felt like finish but also has strong acoustic benefits as well.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel is about one third the weight of MDF or plasterboard in equivalent sizes. It is a face finished product, pin-able, slim and is can be used as double sided or single sided panel, giving it the desirable benefits of fitting into slim-line framing systems and requiring less bulk in coping with its light weight.

1> Soundproof material polyester fiber acoustic panel has high density, environmental protection, fire retardant, wide range sound frequency absorption, good decoration, easy cut and installation, no dust pollution etc. various features.

2> The various colors and finish choices can satisfy all the customer’s acoustic and decoration requirements.

3> The highest fire retardant grade can reach B1(GB) grade, and the best environmental protection can reach E1(GB) grade.

4> For the need of our customer, we have almost all the necessary documents for export and import, such as fire retardant report, environmental report, sound absorbing report and SGS testing report etc.


High Performance – Noise Reduction Coefficient

Made from 100 % Recycled material

Light weight, Flexible & Easily Customisable

Easy Installation & Maintenance

High Resistance to Humidity, Moisture & Chemicals

Does not aid to the spread of fire

Safety all along – Causes no irritation nor any allergies



Recording Studio


Home Theatre

Smart Classroom

Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing Rooms

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Corporate Offices and more.

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