Endless Felt Belt

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Material: polyester, nomex, wool

Color: white, yellow

Thickness: 10mm or customized

Temperature: up to 300C

Package: woven bag

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Felt belt is also called Seamless Felt Belt, no joints endless Felt belt. It is made of special high quality raw material 100% Nomex, 100% wool, Nomex+Polyester, wool+ polyester etc.the heat resistant could be 280c degree.

Nomex felt belt is mainly used for various heat transfer machines, banners, etc., working temperature 180-260 °C, can be customized according to different production requirements, through a special technical processing, the perfect solution to the conventional thermal transfer blanket running Partial, bulging, creases and other issues during printing, we have perfect after-sales service, a strong technical team escort your quality.

Endless Wool Felt belts are consistently chosen for croissant and long bread production. Commonly used on equipment made by OEM’s like: Ideal, Loks, CIM, Rondo, Fortuna, Bertrand, and Comas. Our Endless wool Felt belts can be produced in almost any width, length or thickness. Most common thickness runs between 2-4mm.


Select brand raw material,common specifications have temperature 16-180℃ and 230-260℃.

The felt belt contains heat shrinkable fiber material inside,the felt will automatically shrink after heating,wrapped tightly.

The belt surface formation,uniform density,good resistance,long work life.


It is mainly used in textile machine, leather-process machinery, heat transfer printing machine, drying machinery, cold-rolling mill, hot-rolling mill, and paper making equipment, fitness equipment, metal processing equipment and various areas.

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