Felt planter

Short Description:

Product name: Hanging Planter

Material : Polyester Feltxuy

Size: 100*30cm or customized

Thickness: 3mm or customized

Logo: Customized

Color: Black Green or Customized

Function: Durable/Eco-friendly

MOQ: 100

Packing: Opp bags+Carton

After service: Yes

Sample time 1-2 working days after received payment

Express shipment: DHL, FedEX

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Our felt planter grow bag is made of premium felt material, environmental-friendly, anti-corrosive, heat resistant, cold resistant, durable to use. Easy to use for indoor/outdoor gardening, perfect for creating a bright feature wall or vertical herb garden.

Round shape, large capacity, fine workmanship and fashionable design. Perfect for planting vegetables, strawberries, herbs, flowers and so on.

Double handles of our planting bags could bring you much convenience when you move it. And it also could be folded for easy storage when it isn't in use. The soft, breathable and lightweight felt bag for easy movement and hanging, and the excess water will automatically drain through it.

Reusable, lightweight, economical and practical to use. Perfect for using in your home balcony, garden or other places. It is the best growth bag for tomatoes / herbs / flowers / strawberries / green plants, which supports to match several plants together tocover large wall spaces with free mobility.It is also a unique decoration with feature of space saving, which is applicable for being as mural to decorate rooms to make your room become garden. It can be used as storage bag, too.

Different sizes and style are available, you could choose the most suitable one to meet your needs.

300G Premium Series Thickened, Nonwoven Grow Bags

Thickened 300g nonwoven fabric means your grow bags easily stand upright making it easy to fill the bag by yourself.

These grow bags provide excellent air circulation and drainage: do not worry about overwatering.

VIVOSUN grow bags readily breathe, keeping roots and soil oxygenated and cool throughout the year.

The automatic air-prune feature ensures roots do not get tangled, allowing for more surface area for water and mineral absorption.

Different size selection options from VIVOSUN

Grow everything from A to Z in these bags

1 GAL Fabric Pot: 8" x 6" (20cm x 16cm)

2 GAL Fabric Pot: 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm)

3 GAL Fabric Pot: 10" x 9" (25cm x 25cm)

5 GAL Fabric Pot: 10" x 12" (25cm x 30cm)

7 GAL Fabric Pot: 10" x 14" (25cm x 35cm)

10 GAL Fabric Pot: 12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm)

15 GAL Fabric Pot: 12" x 20" (30cm x 50cm)

20 GAL Fabric Pot: 16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)

25 GAL Fabric Pot: 16" x 22" (40cm x 55cm)

30 GAL Fabric Pot: 16" x 24" (40cm x 60cm)

45 GAL Fabric Pot: 26.8" x 18.5" (68cm x 47cm)

50 GAL Fabric Pot: 28" x 19" (71cm x 48cm)

100 GAL Fabric Pot: 39" x 20" (99cm x 51cm)

Why you need fabric grow bags?

VIVOSUN fabric grow bags readily breathe, keeping roots and soil oxygenated and cool throughout the year.Great for developing strong, fibrous roots and keeping them healthy without needing regular root pruning.

How air pruning works?

Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity. The roots are effectively “burned” off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots. If roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the container in a constricted pattern.

Is it really effective for increasing yield?

Using fabric grow bag means easy watering, less stress on the plant when moved, and quicker transplant times as filling requires no more than one person instead of several people, allowing others to handle additional work in the garden.

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