Jute Felt

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Product Name: 100% Natural jute fiber needle punch felt

Material: 100% Jute fiber

Technics: Needle punched

Thickness: 1mm-15mm or Customized

Width: Within 3.2m

Color: Natual color brown yellow

Length: 10-200m or customized

Weight: 100g-1500g

Packaging: Roll Sheet or customized

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ute needle felt is made from 100% biodegradable and degrades fibers without leaving harmful traces, good moisture absorption and air permeability, light weight, less energy consumption and widely used in geotextile and microgreen growing pads.

Jute felt mats are dense enough to keep weeds and grasses from growing, a concept also known as weed barrier, or weed block. Rather than using petroleum-based plastics, we’ve taken another route; our mats are made from all-natural jute fiber, grown sustainably. Use anywhere you would find traditional types of mulch—landscaping beds, sloping hillsides, etc. They are also fantastic pot covers. Over the course of 1-3 years, the mulch will slowly degrade into the soil, where it improves soil structure, permeability and organic content. While keeping weeds at bay, the mulch provides a microclimate for growing, moderating soil temperature. Hemp’s ability to absorb water and release it slowly into the soil allows 30-50% less water use compared to bare soil. Because the mats are anchored down rather than spread out like bark mulch, they provide outstanding erosion control for slopes. It shields soil from rain and irrigation water beating and runoff, allowing the water to slowly soak into the soil, maximizing every precious drop. For a given area, jute mulch mats weigh just 7% of the average bark mulch. Save your back and transportation costs. Our rolls match up perfectly with the squares. The mats should be anchored down. We recommend our biodegradable anchor stakes, made with a strong, biodegradable resin that’s safe for the environment. Together, the stakes and mats form an all-natural, beautiful complement to your landscape, garden, or hillside. From the Earth. Into the Earth. Return to the Earth. Due to natural variations, product dimensions are approximate.

Light : 250-400g/m2

Medium: 450-800g/m2

Heavy: 800-1300g/m2


· Soil saver, erosion control of landscape

· Geotextiles for slope protection and vegetation

· Microgreen seed pads

· Agricultural horticultural plantation

· Filtration land spacing

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