Acrylic Felt

Short Description:

Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made of the content of Polyacrylonitrile or acrylonitrile more than 85% (mass percent) acrylonitrile copolymer.

Product Detail


Product Tags

Thickness 1mm-8mm
Weight 100gsm -700gsm
Width maximum up to 3.3m
Dimension roll or sheet
Packing inner poly bag outside woven bag
Size 10m/roll, 20m/roll, ... , 100m/roll,etc
Color Assorted color as the Pantone Color Card

Parameters(chemical physics)

Fiber content Acrylic
Felt construction Needle punched
Max continuous operating temperature 120°C (248°F)
Max surge temperature 145°C(293°F)
Acid resistance Good
Alkali resistance Fair
Hydrolysis Excellent
Solvents Good

1. Rich in elasticity, can be used as materials for shockproof, sealing, padding and elastic steel wire cloth bottom felt.

2. Good adhesion performance, not easy to loose, can be punched into parts of various shapes.

3. Good thermal insulation performance, can be used as thermal insulation material.

4. Tight organization, small pores, can be used as a good filter material. Due to the compact density and stable performance of the felt, various felt parts can be produced by stamping.

5. Good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material.

6. Rich in elasticity, so it is bonded by shrinking principle. After the fleece is bonded, the density and size can be used separately.

7. The felt has good stretchability and can reach the specified length. It can be used for leather rolling belt and papermaking suction belt.

8. Felt has good thermal insulation, and can be made into felt insoles of different specifications.

9. Felt is moisturizing and elastic, and can be used to make car door and window seals and central door and window seals. It does not use warp knitting, so it has good filterability. It can be used for oil absorption, and most of the oil drums of ships use felt to keep the ships clean. Packing machine parts with felt has high whiteness, good shock resistance and noise reduction. The pitch of the instrument can be modulated according to the size of the felt.


soft, bulky, easy to dye, bright color, Lightfast, antibacterial,etc.

Innovative, non-woven fabric, easy to cut, fold, glue, sew and staple - even to paint and draw on.Perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops and school projects; easy to iron and safe for kids., item good for many craft projects and sewing diy craft


Acrylic felt is usually used in Handicraft, soft Toys, Caps, Shoes, Bags, Packing, Accessories of Clothes, Embroideries, etc.

Assorted colors felt fabric sheet including purple,orange,white,black,blue,green,yellow,red,gray,pink and many colors.

Moderate size felt sheet, can be easily cut into various shapes.

Pre-cut quilt squares felt sheets,suitable for being created as Halloween and Christmas decorations,felt flowers,coin bags and many things.

Our craft felt fabric sheets are perfect for all kinds of DIY crafts and felt making projects. So use these wonderful felt sheet to do some sewing and DIY crafts with your children,you will reap happiness.

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