Auto Wool Pads

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Auto wool pads









Disc Diameter

5in, 6in, 7in, 8in, etc.

Backing Technique

Hook and Loop

Motor Speed

1500-3000 RPM

Power Source

 AC Adapter

One category are buffing pads made from wool.  There are also blended pads; that is pads that have a mix of wool and synthetic materials.  Depending on the purpose, wool can be spun into various yarns, some are twisted, some are not.  For example, if a customer needs a buffing pad that is aggressive, we can offer him/her a buffing pad that is 100% twisted wool.  Twisted wool is considered aggressive in terms of cutting ability.  On the other hand, if a customer wants a buffing pad for final finishing or non-aggressive polishing, we can provide yarns that are non-twisted or made with a mixture of synthetic materials.  Buffing pads can be made for a specific purpose or multipurpose.  Our approach is to simplify the buffing system and we also suggest working with various car care chemicals, such as compounding, polishing and finishing products.  There is an obvious relationship between buffing pads and polishing compounds.  It takes time to learn how these products work with each other.  One thing is certain: wool is becoming more popular as paints are required to contain more solids and fewer solvents.   Wool is simply the faster medium when compared to foam pads, it cuts quicker.  Foam pads play a major role in buffing as well.  Generally, foam is considered most useful when finishing.   The rule of thumb is to start with a wool buffing pad and finish with a foam pad.

Product Highlights

Hook & Loop 100% Wool Buffing Pad - Single Sided Cutting & Polishing Pad.

Buff oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches, color sanding scratches and hard topcoats and clear coats.

Heavy cutting wool polisher pad for cutting, buffing and polishing with compounds, polishes and glazes.


Wool buffing pad can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine, used with many rotary or random orbit tools that allow attachment of backing pad.


Could be washed, natural dry after cleaning. Do not bleach.

Please do not close to fire or use sharp cutting tool.

[USE] WHAT THE PROS USE – Wool buffing pads scientifically formulated for polishing paint gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces on boats cars RVs and more

[DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR POLISHING] – Use with liquid polish to remove very fine defects including swirls and microscratches

[FAST AND SMOOTH] – Wool blended with very fine fibers makes for a remarkably fast mirror-like polish

[EASY TO USE] – Hookit hook-and-loop attachment allows for fast pad changes on rotary polishers blended wool improves washability

[PART OF A COMPLETE SYSTEM] – Recommended for use with 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound + Wax or Perfect-It Light Cutting Compound + Wax.


All our pads are made of unsteamed wool. An unsteamed wool pad cuts a little more aggressively than the more common steamed pad because each of the wool strands are tighter and can use the side of the wool strand more. Our pads actually have more wool tufted in them compared to a steamed pad, and the additional wool gives it a nice full feeling.

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