Anti-Slip Felt

Short Description:

Material: 100% Recycle Polyester

Width: within 2.2m

Roll Length: 50m- 200m

Density: 180gsm- 1500gsm

Dots Pattern: Simple dots(30g/m2), Flower dots(70g/m2)

MOQ: 1000m2

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Plastic dripping is a process. Plastic dripping is based on cloth. Plastic dripping can be dropped into some beautiful patterns or some points with a certain distance. These points are very important on plastic dripping cloth. The anti-slip is mainly because of the existence of these dots. These dots are not only beautiful on the drip cloth, but also play a certain massage role, which is a very good anti-skid article.

Drip felt is currently being used more and more in our lives. Carpets under our feet, blankets used in cars, slippers worn at home, mats used for yoga, cushions on sofas, and more mice are usually in contact Almost all kinds of anti-slip products such as mats can see the figure of drip cloth, yes, it is so popular that people cannot resist.

Fiber materials with rubber coated backing is made of polyester and polypropylene,produced by right thermal calendaring after repeated needle. Fiber materials with rubber coated backing Is one kind of felts .Plastic antislip point felt is produced by opening short fiber, combing, laid into a fiber web, and then reinforcing the fiber web by a needle. The needle punch has a hook thorn, the fiber web is repeatedly punched, and the hook tape is reinforced to form a Polyester needle felt. Plastic antislip point felt has no warp and weft.The fibers in the cloth are disordered, the radial and Latitude performance is almost same.


Tear-Resistant,Anti-Static,Shrink-Resistant,Anti-Bacteria,Eco-Friendly,null,Breathable,Water-Soluble,Fusible,Anti-Pull,Waterproof, Moth proof
1) super-absorbent,easy to clean and soft drying, washing durable and long lasting, anti-bacterial, repetitive use, cost-effective.

2) Hygienic.

3) Lint-free after cleaning, soft and smooth. Do not damage the surface of the articles.

4) Environment-friendly. Easy to use and degradable.


Widely used in agriculture, bag, car, garment, home textile, hospital, industry, interlining, shoes, etc.

A. Used as interlining for shoes, clothes, hat, sofa, mattress etc.

B. Used for making blankets for hospital or outdoor and electric blanket

C. Used for making carpet which is for wedding, exhibition, Conference, Lobby, Corridor, Casino, Restaurant, hotel, house, room, public area etc

D. Used for the backing of door mats, mattress, cushion.

E. Used for making shopping bags, storage box and all kinds of arty crafts

F. Used as painter mats

G. Used as capillary mats, mulch in Garden or agriculture

H. Used for making car carpets and auto interior fabric, car roof fabric.

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