Tennis Ball Felt

Short Description:

Tennis felt is a special polyester fiber or wool polyester fiber mixed in varying proportions.

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Gram weight


Thicknessmm  fiber content% Width x Lengthm  Color Remark
Tennis felt 150-290 2-3 customize customize  customize  
300-800 4-6 customize customize customize  


anti-static, Super flexibility comfortable, safe,High strength, durable,no wrinkles, bulky, easy to dye, bright color, Lightfast, antibacterial,good air permeability. And corrosion resistance, high temperature, cold resistance, Water-proof, anti-fouling, mildew and other functions etc.


Tennis felt is usually used in Tennis ball raw material ,sporting goods, outdoor supplies, outdoor furniture fabrics, convertible car roof fabrics etc.

Colors: fluorescent blue, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, other colors can also be customized according to the pantone color number.


sheet, rolls, or other forms can be produced.

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