Flame Retardant Felt

Short Description:

Technics: woven needle punched

Material: 100 flame retardant polyester ,viscose or mixed fiber

Thickness: 0.6-20mm

Weight: 80 – 2000 g/m2

Width: less than 3.2m

Length: 10m ,20m 50m or as your requirement

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Flame retardants, giving a flammable polymer flame-retardant functional additives, mainly for flame-retardant polymer materials design; there are many types of flame retardants, according to the use of flame retardant and divided reaction flame retardants.


1. High temperature resistance, automatic extinguishing from fire,low thermal conductivity * good chemical stabilityWear-resisting,Tear - resistant and durable

2. Environmental protection material, low cost, easy degradation, effective dust removal

3. Antibacterial, mildew proof, anti-pollution, anti-static,

4.high temperature tensile strengthlow thermal shrinkage <10% good electrical insulation 


This product is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, steel, fire protection, thermal power, textile, oil fields, oil depot and gas stations, forest, laboratories, computer rooms, paint processing, toughened glass, plastic, stainless steel workshop sacrifices sweet box, polishing workshop, such as manufacturing industry, applicable to welding such as sparks, easy to cause fire, can withstand the sparks, slag, weld splatter content, etc., have isolated workplaces, separating layer, prevent fire danger of welding work may cause.

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