Polypropylene Felt

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Parameters (chemical physics)

Fiber content Polypropylene
Felt construction Needle punched
Max ontinuous operating temperature 100°C (212°F)
Max surge temperature  110°C(230°F)
Acid resistance Excellent
Alkali resistance Excellent
Oxidizing agents Fair
Hydrolysis Excellent
Solvents Good

Polypropylene felt is a lightweight, flexible material that is great at absorbing liquids. Not only is it able to withstand higher solid loading than other materials, but it’s also temperature resistant and resistant to bleaches and most solvents.With all of its benefits, nonwoven polypropylene is also a low-cost material.Polypropylene needle punched felt PP non woven interlining fabric rolls has good flexibility, eco-freindly, permeability, waterproof, anti-pull, tear-resistant and dust prevention.

Polypropylene needle punched filter felt is made of polypropylene fiber and has the lowest temperature resistance. Because polypropylene fiber has more excellent acid resistance, alkalinity and lower softening point than polyester fiber, and the hydrolysis stability of polypropylene fiber is excellent, polypropylene needle punching Felt is generally used in the field of flue gas temperature below 100 ℃ and high acid and alkalinity or in the field of liquid and solid separation with large acidity and alkalinity and large moisture content. The polypropylene felt used for liquid-solid separation uses different specifications of polypropylene fiber, and uses ordinary or high-strength silk to make the reinforcing base fabric, which can be processed by hot rolling and singeing. It is used in conjunction with liquid filter separation equipment such as plate and frame filter press, vacuum suction filter, bag filter and centrifugal filter.


Industrial filters, machine filter, dust bag, liquid filter bag, etc

Main product

Dust filtration,liquid filter filtration and related machines

1.   Dust filtration-----filter bag and filter felt
Polyester filter bag,polyester anti static filter bag,polyester filter bag blending,polyester filter bag with membrane,polyester filter bag water and oil repellent,polyester filter bag special type,pp filter bag,aramid filter bag pps filter bag acrylic filter bag, p84 filter bag, ptfe filter bag,ptfe mix p84filter bag,HST filter bag,fiberglass filter bag,PTFE mix pps filter bag,Basalt filter bag and polyester needle punched felt,acylic felt,aramid felt,P84 felt so on.
2.  Liquid filtration filter bag
Polyester filter bag, PE filter bag, Micro filter bag,5 micro filter bag,10 micro filter bags,PP filter bag,nylon filter bag,ptfe filter bag,stain steel filter bag and micro filter felt from 0.2micro to 600micro and so on.
3.  Machines for making dust filter bags
Automatic filter bag tube line,Semi-Automatic filter bag tube line,Tripe-needle filter bag sewing machine,double need sewing machine, long arm sewing machine,overlock sewing machine,slitting machine,filter bag bottom punching machine,package machines,needle punch line and so on.


Filter bag can be used for industrial filtration,product filtration,solid/liquid separation, like:
- Asphalt mixing plants
- Biomass power stations
- Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
- High temperature dedusting
- Coal-fired power stations
- Food industry
- Non-ferrous metal and steel production
- Cement, gypsum and lime industry
- Thermal waste treatment


1.High efficient filtration level

2.Depth type filtration

3.Wide range of chemically compatible medi

4.High temperature resistance

5.High flow efficiency

6.High air to cloth ratio

7.Various coatings are available

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