Wool Felt Wheel

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Material: 100% wool felt

Diameter: 50mm,100mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm  or customized

Thickness: 3mm,5mm,8mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, or customized

Density: 0.25g/cm3, 0.30g/cm3, 0.45g/cm3, 0.50g/cm3, 0.55g/cm3, 0.65g/cm3

Type: With or without hook and loop backing, plastic cap ,fastening M14/M16 With or without inner hole or as customerized

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Wool Felt Polishing Wheels widely used in the cylinder bore mill, pipe, grinding, mold, medical equipment, beauty equipment, gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel, glass equipment, machinery parts and other special refining process.

Install on electric grinder. Suitable for wood, nuclear carving, jade, ivory, etc.

High-quality wool wheels, easy to replace Wool polishing wheel height 3/8 inch Wool polishing wheel diameter 1 inch Our set includes 100 pcs Wool Felt Polishing 1" (25mm) Diameter x 3/8 (10mm) Thickness Wheels


Felt wheels are the best material of polishing with its strong cross, small gaps, wear resistance and not depilation.

According to customers' requirement, selecting different quality class wool felt or synthetic felt, die cutting into various types polishing wheels.


1. According to customers' requirement, selecting different quality class wool felt or synthetic felt, die cutting into various types polishing wheels.

2. Felt wheels are the best material of polishing with its strong cross, small gaps, wear resistance and not depilation.

3. Felt wheels are mainly used for polishing of precision instruments, medical equipment, glass products, high-grade furniture, special machine parts, stainless steel, jade, marble, crystal, handicrafts, quartz, ceramic tiles and many other parts.

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