Afterprocessing felt

  • Singeing Felt

    Singeing Felt

    Material: polyester felt or other felt

    Technics: non woven needle punched

    Thickness: 1-10mm or customized

    Weight:about 130gsm -1000gsm

    Color: Many colors available

    Technics:Needle punched

    Width : less than 2m

    Length : not limited

    Feeling: according to customer’s demand.

    Certification: ISO9001 & SGS& ROSH & CE, etc.

  • Self adhesive felt

    Self adhesive felt

    Material: Polyester or wool Felt

    Size: 100*30cm or customized

    Weight: 50~5000gsm(velour carpet) or customize

    Thickness: 0.5-50mmmm or customized

    Logo: Customized

    Color: Black Green or Customized

    Width/Length: As customer’s request.

    MOQ: 1000M2

    Packing: Opp bags+Carton

  • Printed Felt

    Printed Felt

    Material:100% polyester felt,100% wool felt

    Printed type:silk-screen printing

    heat transfer printing

    digital printing



  • PAN-based Carbon Felt

    PAN-based Carbon Felt

    Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon felt is light in quality, small in specific heat capacity,soft in texture, good in adiathermancy and convenient in operation, which can save great energy. Therefore, thermal insulation of the polyacrylonitrile base is extremely superior in vacuum or inert atmosphere, in particular, performance of the polyacrylonitrile base is stable under high temperature condition, and it is the excellent thermal insulation material for Vacuum Furnace.

  • Painting Felt mat (painter cover fleece)

    Painting Felt mat (painter cover fleece)

    Material:Felt with recycled fabric LDPE film

    Coating Material: LDPE Film

    Temperature Resistance:- 30℃ to +80℃

    Roll width:1m-1.6m

    Roll length:3m-50m



    Color: Mixed color

  • Dipping Glue Felt

    Dipping Glue Felt

    Dipping Glue Felt is a special polyester fiber or wool polyester fiber mixed in varying proportions, adopted according to the requirements of different quality felt, made use of sol gel technology, increased felt after the rubber hardness, wear resistance, not easy hair removal, can be made into various shapes of cutting parts.

  • Carbon fiber felt

    Carbon fiber felt

    Material:100% carbon fiber

    Technology:non woven needle punched



  • Anti-condensation felt

    Anti-condensation felt

    Condensation occurs mainly at night as a result of temperature difference between cold outside air and warm air under the metal roof.

  • Anti-Slip Felt

    Anti-Slip Felt

    Material: 100% Recycle Polyester

    Width: within 2.2m

    Roll Length: 50m- 200m

    Density: 180gsm- 1500gsm

    Dots Pattern: Simple dots(30g/m2), Flower dots(70g/m2)

    MOQ: 1000m2