Painting Felt mat (painter cover fleece)

Short Description:

Material:Felt with recycled fabric LDPE film

Coating Material: LDPE Film

Temperature Resistance:- 30℃ to +80℃

Roll width:1m-1.6m

Roll length:3m-50m



Color: Mixed color

Product Detail


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Painter cover fleece is a needle felted fabric that absorbs dirt and moisture. It's made from nonwoven mixed felt as surface and anti-slip PE backing (coated). It is provided with a water-impermeable bottom layer so that no paint can reach the floor below.

The Painting fleece offer is particularly suitable for use in painting or renovation work but also as soil protection in plaster work. A Protective fleece blanket can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is always used when laminate or parquet floors, tiles or textile coverings are to be protected, for example when moving furniture or when moving. In addition, it protects these floors when painting and papering.

Painters are particularly stubborn once they are dried. Even spilled wallpaper glue quickly becomes a source of accident if not immediately wiped clean. The same applies to plaster work on the walls. Also offers that Fine fleece good Protection against mechanical damage, the parked toolbox or pressing the stepladder or Trestle table.

The self-adhesive painter fleece but can also be used for other purposes. Of the Cover fleece professional is inventive and there one Painting fleece roll does not cost the world, it can be used favorably for many other things. As Garden protective fleece protects it is the underbody of children's paddling pool, as a craft blanket or for the protection of scratch-sensitive surfaces is also such Protective fleece cheap, It also protects items that are prone to breakage, such as wine balloons or glass shelves. As Protective fleece blanket It can be used in the trunk or as Floor mat for the stroller.


reuseable,non slip,water resistant,Eco-friendly,dust proof


1). Plastic bag per roll in bulk in the container
2). Shrinking PE bag per roll in bulk in the container
3). Shrink PE bag per roll then packed in carton
4). Folders with plastic bag then in carton


Protect floor and furniture when decorating protect machinery and equipment

conservation of road vegetable greenhouses heat preservation furniture transport protection


Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, perfect coverage and protection during construction and renovation.
1) anti-sli PE coated, it also could be used as the tarp temporaily,
2) protect your floors, big tables or other big furnitures in house when you painting your house  without moving them out, this felt paint mat is the best choice.
3) Absorb the spilled liquids.

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