Viscose Felt

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Material:100% viscose fiber

Technology:non woven needle punched



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Our 100% Rayon/Viscose Felt is an organic material made from processed wood pulp and tinted with vegetable-based dyes. Viscose is highly absorbent, soft, and drapes well. Our 183 cm wide felt (72 inches) is folded in half to 91.5 cm (36 inches), then rolled to 70 meters long (77 yards) for packaging and shipping purposes. so some of its properties is very similar with cotton, such as good hygroscopicity, not easy to produce static electricity, has a better dyeing performance.It can degrade naturally.We also produce anti-flaming viscose felt in any size,it can used as high temperature resistance material,it the material of producing carbon felt and graphite felt,and used for High-speed rail seat packaging.


Mainly used for clothing, footwear materials, various bags, ornaments, gift packaging, interior decoration, medical and health, locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing, instruments and meters, electronic appliances, power tools, computer supplies, printing equipment, CNC equipment, architectural decoration and other parts,it is also the base material for producing carbon felt and graphite felt.

sofa bed mattresses and household textiles.
◆ transport, public places decorative fabrics.
◆ overalls, fireproof clothing, heat-resistant clothing lining.
◆ military and industrial outerwear, underwear.


Dry clean only, hang dry and iron while still damp.

*Please note: Colors which appear online or in print may differ slightly from actual felt.
*This product meets the human-ecological requirements of the standard according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

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