Why do we use felt to learn calligraphy? I don’t know if you still remember that when you write calligraphy in elementary school, schools will equip one person with a small felt. Why do you use felt to practice calligraphy? Today, felt manufacturers will come to tell you the reasons.

However, the main function of felt when writing calligraphy is: because rice paper or edging paper is used for writing, a piece of felt under the paper can absorb excess ink, so that the paper can be moved when writing, without worrying about the work being stained by the ink below. .

A good work needs a complete set of accessories to be realized, just like a beautiful calligraphy needs felt to be equipped to be realized! This can basically exist as common sense, friends must remember! Now everyone knows why you need to use felt to learn calligraphy. Are the doubts about how many years resolved now?

Post time: Aug-08-2020