What is the difference between carbon felt and graphite felt?

The carbonization temperature of carbon fiber is around 1000℃, and the carbon content after making carbon fiber felt is around 90%, so the temperature of carbon fiber felt is also around 1000℃.

Graphite fiber is formed when carbon fiber felt is heated to more than 2000 ℃ in an oxygen-free environment. The carbon content of carbon fiber felt can reach more than 99% after being made, and the temperature of graphite felt can reach 2000℃.

Further reactions occur if carbon fiber felt is used at temperatures above 2000 ℃. The ash content and volume density of carbon fiber felt and graphite felt are also different due to different treatment temperature. See the following table for details:


PAN-based  Carbon fiber felt

PAN-based  Graphite fiber felt

Thermal conductivity, W/m.k 0.12-0.17 0.10-0.15
Carbon content, % ≥90 ≥99.00
Ash content, ppm 1000-2000 ≤800
Bulk density, g/cm3 0.11-0.16 0.10-0.15
Width, mm ≤1200 ≤1200
Thickness, mm 10/8/6 10/8/6
Produce Temperature,℃ 1000 2000

Post time: Dec-26-2020