When asked an obvious question, Albin Bergstrom (Albin Bergstrom) showed a few seconds of fear on his face. What is he for? The first round of The Hayt?
“Oh, oh,” said the sophomore at the University of South Florida. “I think I put it in danger.”
Bergstrom did not deny that the ball was kicked back in the next round, but at some point, it developed a kind of wear and tear and he put it in the bag.
It’s a good thing for him. Now, no matter where he holds the golf trophy, that ball should occupy a sacred place.
On the one hand, it is the top 2 in the 29-year history of the championship in par 5 matches, whether it is Sawgrass from 2000 to the present or Queens in Jacksonville from 1992 to 1999.
The longtime Sawgrass Country Club members also forgot that someone hit a 2 in the hole 520 yards from the entrance, filling the entire left side with water, and according to Florida standards, a huge dam surrounds the green on the right.
It is likely to be the top 2 competition in USF history. The coaches couldn’t think of one, and the school’s media guidelines did not solve this problem in one way or another.
But one thing is certain: this is Bergstrom’s first albatross, the 2019 AAC freshman, and the third team of Golf Weekly.
“It feels very good,” the Bulls’ average scoring lead this season is 69.92. “I am very happy to stay green.”
Bergstrom hit the ball for 305 yards, then pulled out his Titleist CB 5 iron and aimed it at the right side of the green, hoping that the right-to-left wind would push the ball to the green.
It almost pushed too far. The pin is at the front left and cut behind the bunker. The ball cleared the bunker and it is estimated that it has rolled into the hole about 12 feet.
Bergstrom started his game on the tenth hole, so he has another nine holes. The 2 position allowed him to score 5 under par on the front and 31 under par, while his back was 37 shots up and down 1 shot, with two birdies and 3 bogeys, with a score of 68.
Bergstrom tied for seventh place with a score of 142-2, leading the lead with the University of North Florida host Nick Gabrelck, six shots away. USF entered the final round on Monday and ranked 9th, 20 strokes behind UNF.

Post time: Mar-29-2021