Hello, everyone!

Those of you who have Child at home, do you have the habit of telling stories to your children at night? Or play games with your children in your free time?

The children in our family are very keen on the story time every night. No matter how perfunctory they are, they will listen carefully, and repeatedly act like a baby to tell another...

Just telling the story of picture books has made them love it. These mothers made a lot of finger puppets out of non-woven fabrics, brought them in different images, and shared a story with their children.

Today I will share with you the hand-made hand puppets. When telling stories or interacting with children, in the process of performing, the children understand the story better and their expressiveness has also been exercised.

Seeing the child's crazy expressions, you will know that this makes them more involved and makes the story more interesting.

When you each play a role, or each of you play a few roles, a little finger puppet makes your story more exciting and allows your children to participate in a real sense.

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Post time: Aug-08-2020