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After the event is rescheduled in November 2021, a popular handicraft exhibition will be held this year.
Wool@J13 has booked a live, lovely and highly anticipated 2021 performance on the weekend of November 13th and 14th, changing its normal May schedule.
It is very rare to have a complete list of wool exhibitors, waiting to have a color dialogue directly with patient wool audiences.
Ingrid Wagner, Co-organizer and Creative Director of Wool@J13, said: “We look forward to welcoming wool enthusiasts from all over to return to the live experience. We hope this will be a safer world. The waiting is a period for all of us. A frustrating time.”
Winter Wool@J13 will be held in the transformed Play Barn, located at Lower Drayton Farm in Penkridge, Staffordshire.
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Play Barn opened in August 2020. The team led by Ingrid’s Wool@J13 organizer Val James is very experienced in implementing Covid-19 public events.
Exhibitors confirmed to participate in the November exhibition include the returning Rosie’s Moments, Beaker Button and Snuggly Stars Yarns with Hedgehog Equipment who came here from Wales, and For the Love of Yarn came here from Scotland.
Winter Wool@J13 will also welcome new exhibitors from Ruth Sprague’s beautiful Illuminating Weaves and fiber processing business Lilipop Mill from Staffordshire, as well as 3D printing tools from Moon On A Stick craftsmen.
Among the warm suppliers of Play Barn, there will be Peckish Pony food traders and live music to borrow what Winter Wool@J13 hopes to keep-the show’s famous holiday atmosphere.
The popular Stash Swap will also return, and the workshop will be located in the comfortable environment of Lower Drayton Farmhouse. Visitors can look forward to being greeted and cared for by the Wool@J13 volunteer team led by Fiona Beech.
“Stitch a Brick” will also become part of Wool@J13′s aim to raise mental health awareness, inviting the public to knit, crochet, felt or weave their own bricks and become part of a wall that reflects their own negative emotions and positives. Outcome. Wool@J13 website and social media pages provide complete details including patterns.
Wool@J13 will also provide half-price tickets to all NHS staff, regardless of their status, as long as they are willing to participate in the exhibition. These purchases will be accompanied by a code and a photo ID to be presented with the ticket at the time of the performance.
Advance tickets are now available for purchase online at a price of £6.50 for day tickets (£7.50 for tickets) and £11 for weekend tickets (£12 for tickets).
To book tickets, including tickets for NHS staff, and to learn more about the 2021 show, please visit

Post time: Jun-30-2021